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Important Water Heating ErP and Energy Labelling 

Here's a simple summary to help you understand how this may impact your business and your relationship with suppliers.

The Legislation

Supplier Responsibility

Your Responsibility

After September 26th 2015:

RXG Position

Evidence from other categories shows that Energy Labelling can create a shift in behaviour as more buyers focus on best energy performing products, especially those in the A energy efficiency class.

At RXG, we have been working for some time towards this legislation and we are in a very strong position. Almost all our current products carry the highest Energy Efficiency A Class rating probably making us the most energy competitive on the market.

All our current range of Water Heating and Electric Showering products shipped by us after the regulation start date will have updated user manuals and include an energy label. In fact, we are already shipping some products with these included, and we we will soon be supplying energy labels for existing display items. 

Should you have any questions relating to this topic, please consult your account manager.

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