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12 November 2014:


Leading UK manufacturer Redring has introduced a new range of commercial beverage water boilers to strengthen its range of water boiling products.

The new Sensaboil range is ideal for commercial applications where regular access to instant hot water is required. The tank is manufactured in stainless steel which offers a number of benefits above other materials, including its corrosion resistant properties, its durability and strength. The Sensaboil’s easy to use patented chrome tap offers constant or controllable flow.

Customers can choose from a range of sizes and exterior finishes to suit their needs – 3, 5 or 7.5 litres and a white or stainless steel finish. Wall mounted, the Sensaboil is capable of delivering a market-leading rate of up to 206 cups of hot water per hour, while its 3kW element ensures rapid heat up of water. This significantly reduces waiting time when compared to boiling a kettle.

Research carried out by the brand found that seven in ten office workers spent more than 10 minutes a day boiling the kettle, with 7% admitting to spending over an hour each day making hot drinks for themselves and their colleagues. Calculated over a year, this is a significant amount of time of inactivity. An instantaneous beverage water boiler therefore provides a much more efficient solution, while still ensuring facilities are available for employees to have access to hot drinks.

The unit features a preset water heating temperature of 98°C, to ensure a consistent temperature level every time the water is heated.

The Sensaboil is switched on and off using the advanced technology of a touch display, which clearly shows when the unit is on. The display also aids maintenance and ensures upkeep of the unit remains easy, thanks to the integral system which uses a warning LED to highlight when descaling is required. The Sensaboil is further protected by boil dry thermal cut out, so the unit cannot keep boiling when it is empty.

Sensaboil comes complete with a two-year UK guarantee to offer peace of mind for end-users.

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