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1 December 2014


Redring Xpelair reinforce commitment to British manufacturing

Redring Xpelair (RXG) and its parent company Glen Dimplex have reinforced their commitment to British manufacturing by announcing a major investment programme at its state-of-the-art production facilities in Peterborough.

The market leading manufacturer of air and water solutions has invested £10 million in its business over the last few years and this latest announcement will see the company become the first in its sector to introduce injection moulding into its UK manufacturing operations.

To celebrate the announcement, the company invited Lord Livingston, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, to see its facilities and listen to the company’s new product development plans for the UK and worldwide and its vision for the business.

Trade and Investment Minister Lord Livingston said: “There is a huge appetite for British products and services overseas and companies such as Redring Xpelair are great examples of what ‘Made in Britain’ is all about.

Nitin Patel, the company CEO, commented: “Our commitment to British manufacturing is part of a much bigger investment programme that is designed to add even more value to the products and services we provide our customers, whilst also delivering long term growth for RXG and Glen Dimplex.

“By introducing injection moulding into our manufacturing capabilities here in the UK, it will allow us to be much more innovative with our product development programme.  Ultimately, this will enable us to bring a host of new solutions to the market significantly quicker than we have ever been able to do before.

“Along with reducing lead times, the investment will also give us much more flexibility and diversity in our design approach.  Not only will this benefit the new solutions that we are bringing to the market, but it also means we will be able to create variants and adapt existing ranges without having to wait and rely on overseas suppliers before we can start the assembly process.”

RXG and Glen Dimplex’s £10m has been invested in new head office and production facilities, IT systems, inventory, new product development and resources in design and engineering.  Over the last few years, the company has introduced a host of market leading ventilation, showering and hot water solutions to the market.  RXG has also relocated its head office and entire manufacturing plant to a purpose built facility, which has allowed the business to consolidate all production facilities under one roof.  These new premises house RXG’s full Research and Development (R&D) team, where products and solutions are designed not just for the UK market, but worldwide.

More recently, other key changes include a restructure of its UK field sales teams to improve its service offering and a number of new appointments at senior level to drive the business forward.  To complement this, new ventures have also been launched in India and the Middle East to further boost export sales, key markets for the company’s growth.

Nitin continued: “There’s no doubt that it is an extremely exciting time at RXG.  Not only does our investment programme highlight our commitment to British manufacturing and how important British-made solutions are to the success of our global business, but it also shows that we are here for the long term.

“Over the next few years, this investment will allow us to undertake the most aggressive new product plan in the company’s history.  Our aim is to excite the market through innovation and providing a first class service offering.”

24 November 2014


RXG Redring Xpelair has been named Exporter of the Year Award in the prestigious Peterborough Telegraph Business Awards 2014.

The award was presented in recognition of Redring Xpelair’s export performance, which saw the company sell its market leading hot water and ventilation solutions to 70 countries last year and establish Xpelair Middle East, a joint venture between Glen Dimplex Group and Kingston Holdings.

The company has focused on working with colleagues in international Glen Dimplex offices to develop a bigger presence in overseas markets, increasing local market intelligence and enabling a quicker response to market trends. Strong relationships have also continued with long-standing distributor partners in other regions, whilst new markets for OEM business have been identified.

The awards are recognised as the region’s premier business awards and a showcase for success stories amongst local businesses and entrepreneurs. RXG Redring Xpelair Group’s International Team of Alice Nicol (International Product Manager), Paul Poulter (International Sales Manager), Nick Parfrey (International Sales Manager), and Carole Clydesdale (Export Admin Team Leader) picked up the trophy as part of a night of celebrations at the Peterborough Arena.

Alice Nicol said:

“This is a fantastic reward for all the hard work put in by the team here in Peterborough and within our global network.

“Redring Xpelair has a long tradition of exporting products all over the world but we took a strategic decision to turn the company into an international business, rather than seeing ourselves purely as exporters. This new approach has enabled us to develop a strong understanding of international opportunities, developing products and services for these individual markets as opposed to taking a product made for use in UK and trying to export it.

“We sell products all across the world but it is still fantastic to be recognised locally as a key employer and business success story in the region.”

15 November 2014


Lee Stones (pictured), category manager for Xpelair, weighs up the benefits of single room heat recovery as an alternative, and potentially cost effective solution, to whole house installations.

How we heat our homes and how much of a dent this leaves in our wallets each month is still one of the most pressing concerns for many homeowners and this desire to keep costs low is coupled with greater pressures to conserve energy. From the contractor’s perspective, ensuring both new and retrofit dwellings are fit for purpose and do not waste energy unnecessarily is paramount, and much of this is down to the quality of the products being offered to the end user.

The drive for greater efficiency is an ongoing consideration and correct heat recovery and ventilation is key to achieving a lower fuel spend and a more efficient home. Legislation such as the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive inevitably has a big impact on contractors, outlawing inefficient and poorly performing fans. In reality, even before the ErP Directive, many leaders in the market had already embraced the high efficiency requirements of new and retrofit developments, and offered the type of products that are fit for purpose for the energy conscious environment we now operate within. 

Where the choice of ventilation is concerned, it’s no secret that whole house ventilation wins out in the efficiency stakes, and certainly for new build properties it’s a no-brainer for installers and contractors to opt for whole house systems like Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) or even more compelling, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR), rather than less efficient intermittent fan options. 

Poor ventilation is a serious issue for tenants and homeowners, and the growing financial strain on tenants, in particular, is already taking its toll. It is not uncommon for occupants to disable fans in a drive to save money, often failing to acknowledge the potential health implications that this could cause, such as excessive condensation, black mould build-up and the population of other pollutants, all of which result in poor indoor air quality.

A lack of knowledge on the damaging effect of poor ventilation can be costly in financial terms too, as poor or inadequate ventilation may lead to cosmetic and structural damage to a property, which can be expensive to remedy.

However, the new build market accounts for only a small proportion of housing stock. The vast majority of existing dwellings will at some point require refurbishment, so efficient and legally-sound ventilation systems are key to deliver ongoing improvements.

As such, the growth in alternatives to whole house systems are now taking centre stage, with single room heat recovery fast proving its worth as a viable and cost effective option for homeowners and tenants. Rather than replace intermittent like-for-like fans – which fall short in meeting the required emissions reduction targets – could homeowners can opt for the more cost effective, but equally sound, single room alternative. And the rewards for contractors can be lucrative.

Xpelair Ventilation Solutions has launched Solitair, a through-the-wall single room heat recovery unit, in response to the clear demand for a product that can offer many of the benefits of MVHR but at a lower cost.

The launch of Solitair reflects how Xpelair has listened to the needs of the market for more practical heat recovery solutions in terms of size, cost and installation time. It means 
end users have access to more affordable ventilation solutions that cost less to run and install, whilst providing superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all applications. 

It also means the need to disable fans through fear of escalating costs could well be a thing of the past, as Solitair offers more than 80% heat recovery by incorporating a unique rotating rigid hexagonal heat exchanger, together with intuitive summer bypass and winter modes. And with Solitair, homeowners can enjoy near-silent running too, thanks to Xpelair’s innovative GhostTM Air Movement Technology.

For the new build and retrofit markets, single room installations could signal a step change in the approach of large contractors, offering the efficiency and health benefits of MVHR and MEV but in a more practical application. For homeowners eager to put the brakes on soaring fuel bills, the greater heat recovery and ventilation virtues of advanced single room technologies could go a long way to ease the fuel burden and help reduce energy consumption.

Lee Stones is category manager at Xpelair, where he is responsible for the brand’s extensive range of market-leading ventilation solutions. A sales and marketing professional with significant experience across operations and manufacturing, he previously worked as Product Manager for Commercial Solutions at Kodak.

12 November 2014:


Leading UK manufacturer Redring has introduced a new range of commercial beverage water boilers to strengthen its range of water boiling products.

The new Sensaboil range is ideal for commercial applications where regular access to instant hot water is required. The tank is manufactured in stainless steel which offers a number of benefits above other materials, including its corrosion resistant properties, its durability and strength. The Sensaboil’s easy to use patented chrome tap offers constant or controllable flow.

Customers can choose from a range of sizes and exterior finishes to suit their needs – 3, 5 or 7.5 litres and a white or stainless steel finish. Wall mounted, the Sensaboil is capable of delivering a market-leading rate of up to 206 cups of hot water per hour, while its 3kW element ensures rapid heat up of water. This significantly reduces waiting time when compared to boiling a kettle.

Research carried out by the brand found that seven in ten office workers spent more than 10 minutes a day boiling the kettle, with 7% admitting to spending over an hour each day making hot drinks for themselves and their colleagues. Calculated over a year, this is a significant amount of time of inactivity. An instantaneous beverage water boiler therefore provides a much more efficient solution, while still ensuring facilities are available for employees to have access to hot drinks.

The unit features a preset water heating temperature of 98°C, to ensure a consistent temperature level every time the water is heated.

The Sensaboil is switched on and off using the advanced technology of a touch display, which clearly shows when the unit is on. The display also aids maintenance and ensures upkeep of the unit remains easy, thanks to the integral system which uses a warning LED to highlight when descaling is required. The Sensaboil is further protected by boil dry thermal cut out, so the unit cannot keep boiling when it is empty.

Sensaboil comes complete with a two-year UK guarantee to offer peace of mind for end-users.

1 November 2014


The new Plug-in Mixer Tap from Redring offers a simple, yet highly effective and efficient solution to an every day need.

It is a mixer tap that, as the name suggests can plug into any domestic UK plug socket or fused spur, providing instant hot water for hand washing anywhere that it is needed. The tap has been designed to replace an existing mixer tap with the added advantage that it requires only a cold-water feed and heats the water at point of use eliminating the need for a hot water supply or storing hot water.

Not limited to water supplies driven through a fixed pipe within a property such as a kitchen, bathroom or utility, the tap will also work with a hose pipe or subject to the correct plumbing fittings being installed attached to a water filled barrel, highlighting its versatility.

Steve Holton, Strategic Marketing Director for Redring, comments: “At Redring Xpelair we are always looking for new ways of thinking and different approaches to solutions that we take for granted.  The new Plug-in Mixer Tap will form part of a range of similar products that also demonstrate how a simple solution can be used to provide hot water quickly and easily to many people without current access.”

1 November 2014


Leading manufacturer of hot water solutions Redring has completely re-designed its popular instant hand wash units to offer an even better product for customers.

Redring instant hand wash units provide the simplest method of introducing hot water into a sink with only a cold water supply. The two new solutions are simpler to use and install, more compact and represent even better value for money than its predecessor products.

As part of the development of the units, Redring has introduced its Vortex Technology which alters the water flow and virtually eliminates scale build-up. This in turn delivers reduced maintenance and enhanced product durability. The vortex technology also optimises the spray pattern which minimises water use.

Instant hand wash units provide the ideal solution to introduce hot water into both commercial environments and domestic installations such as second bathrooms and sinks in garages or extensions. They are highly efficient solutions as they remove the need for standing hot water, and subsequently eliminate heat losses.

A choice of two instant hand washes are available; the I3V manual hand wash and the AV3 automatic hand wash. The hygienic, no-touch automatic version is operated by infra-red, making it highly suitable for applications where cross contamination is of concern such as food preparation or medical environments.

The hand wash units are wall mountable and their compact dimensions offer a small footprint, making them perfect where space is limited. With a choice of heat settings, users can select the temperature to suit their level of comfort.

The 3kW power ensures a good flow and fast heat-up rates of the water, which in heavy traffic areas will reduces waiting time between washes. The clip-on spray head is vandal-proof as it cannot be unscrewed and removed, while the tamper proof stainless steel arm is corrosion resistant and durable.

The installation of the Redring instant hand wash units is very simple thanks to keyhole and horizontal slots for easy alignment. The units have been designed to ensure flexibility of siting with 3 cable fixing options and 3 water connection options.

Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Redring instant hand wash units are IPX4 rated.

1 November 2014


Lee Stones, category manager for Xpelair, looks ahead to 2015:

“One of the biggest topics for the ventilation industry in 2015, and certainly for Xpelair, is set to be the drive to improve indoor air quality.

“We spend more than 90% of our time indoors and with research showing indoor air can be up to 50 times more polluted than outdoor air, more and more organisations are becoming aware of the impact of poor indoor air quality. In fact, research from BEAMA, on behalf of Xpelair and other leading manufacturers of consumer units, shows 81% of people are at risk of suffering from a respiratory or dermatological condition because of poor air quality.

“There are a number of steps that architects, specifiers, H&V engineers and homeowners can take to improve indoor air quality, but clearly good ventilation is key. And installers must be aware of this opportunity.

“Xpelair’s mission is to improve health and wellbeing through indoor air quality and air comfort. Following the recent launch of Xpelair’s Simply SilentTM Contour Fan range and Solitair single room heat recovery unit, both of which include GhostTM Air Movement Technology for near-silent running, we are planning a series of further product launches and range extensions in 2015 which offer improved performance and reduced noise levels.

“The Government, BRE and even the World Health Organisation are all promoting the importance of indoor air quality. With the help of leading manufacturers like Xpelair, 2015 must be the year that installers sit up and take notice too.”

30 October 2014


When it comes to choosing a shower, an electric shower offers a flexible, and highly efficient solution requiring only a cold-water feed and a power supply. As a result of this electric showers are perfect for a range of applications, including extensions, second bathrooms, loft conversions and for properties off the mains gas network.

Leading shower manufacturer Redring offers the ideal choice through its Xpressions range, which has models to suit all needs. As well as being a flexible solution the Xpressions, Xpressions Plus and Xpressions Premier ranges all offer quick and simple fittings thanks to multiple water and electrical entry points, as well as two terminal blocks for ease of electrical connection. Redring’s ‘Smart Fit’ connectivity offers 8 cable entry points and 6 pipe entry points for both left and right hand access to ensure that the Xpressions shower can fit any location within any bathroom.

The Xpressions and Xpressions Plus models are available in 7.2, 8.5 and 9.5kW power options and are easy to operate with a rotary temperature and flow control and an independent push start/stop button, providing a ‘set and forget’ solution. All models have the option of scale flush protection, providing a safe phased shutdown that purges the internal tank of hot water to reduce lime scale build up and prevent scalding.

Providing the ultimate showering experience, the Xpressions Premier shower is available in 8.5 and 9.5kW options. In addition to the features of the Xpressions Plus, it has a built in six minute eco timer that allows users to accurately control the amount of time spent in the shower, saving both water and energy. All models have a rub-clean showerhead, with the Xpressions having three spray modes and the Xpressions Plus offering a choice of six spray patterns.

20 October 2014


Experts in showering and hot water solutions, Redring Xpelair Group, has shown its commitment towards building a society less dependent on natural resources having signed up to the Water Labelling Scheme. However the company is keen to see that the scheme becomes mandatory rather than purely voluntary, with a view to driving the UK to become more conscious about water usage.

Steve Holton, Redring Xpelair Group’s Strategic Marketing Director explains: “As the drive in the UK to create a more efficient society grows, the government continues to invest in regulations that ensure manufacturers meet certain standards as well as initiatives and schemes which incentivise homeowners to purchase energy efficient products. However, as a leading manufacturer of showers and hot water solutions we have noticed that these regulations and initiatives always seem to favour white goods and renewables with a lack of focus on water usage in the home, something that we are keen to address.

“According to Waterwise, individuals in the UK use 150 litres of water a day, add to this the water used to produce the foods and products daily and the figure jumps to 3400 litres per day. In addition to the amount of water used Waterwise has also found as much as 25% of a households energy bill comes from heating water, and domestic hot water accounts for 5% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. Findings that we feel clearly reinforce the requirement for the government to get behind the regulation of this sector.”

The BMA’s water efficiency label which was rolled out earlier this year is an initiative that has brought together retailers, merchants and manufacturers to help consumers identify the water efficiency of bathroom fittings such as taps showers, WCs and baths.

Steve continues: “Like the Energy Efficiency label found on white goods, the water label can be found on bathroom fittings on sale. Data on water use will also be added at the point-of-sale and on websites so that information is readily available to consumers to help them compare products on a like for like basis.

“As a manufacturer, Redring is in total support of this initiative but would like to see it become mandatory rather than purely voluntary. If you take the automotive industry as an example, the introduction of aggressive legislation has forced manufacturers to invest in new technologies and take a holistic approach to vehicle design to make them significantly more fuel efficient whilst banded vehicle excise duty (VED) incentivises car buyers to purchase more efficient models.

“Currently the onus is on manufacturers to develop and promote water efficient products and although the responsible ones are doing so it still allows inefficient products to come to market. However, if the government were to get on board as they have in other areas, to drive the water efficiency initiative by making the water labelling scheme mandatory, manufacturers would be forced to make a step change in innovation, ensuring their products deliver a minimum standard of efficiency.”

19 October 2014


Xpelair has launched the new Simply SilentTM Contour Fan, representing a new approach which raises the bar for domestic ventilation products.

Featuring Xpelair’s brand new GhostTM Air Movement Technology, Simply SilentTM uses the latest innovations in ventilation technology to deliver near-silent running. It is the first in a whole platform of solutions using the technology which are set to be introduced by Xpelair over the coming months and beyond.

The 4”/100mm fan uses long-life silent running motors and precision engineered components to avoid all mechanical noise, whilst advanced air flow management eliminates turbulence and irregular air flow paths within the fan. As a result, under independent testing Simply SilentTM has recorded a sound pressure level of 16dBA at 15l/s – making it the quietest bathroom fan on the market.

It also offers So Simple Installation, with a range of smart and innovative features for quick, simple and hassle-free installation including a revolutionary wall kit, which means the outer grille can be fitted from the inside, hook and clip fan cover with no screws and a quick-fit clamp, which allows the fan to be secured simply to ceilings and panels for ease and rapid installation.

For homeowners, the fan combines high performance, effectively eliminating humidity, condensation and odour to improve air quality in bathrooms, shower rooms, cloakrooms and toilets, with near-silent running and stylish design. It offers a choice of square or round fascias in a distinctive ice white finish to complement any bathroom interior.
Xpelair’s commitment to develop exciting and innovative new products using the GhostTM Air Movement Technology has been developed in response to an independent study, which shows over 14 million UK adults are being affected by having a noisy bathroom fan in their home.

The study, commissioned by Xpelair, revealed that just under a half of the British adult population rated their existing bathroom fan as noisy, whilst a quarter of those described it as annoyingly noisy. The survey results also highlighted the impact that bathroom fans are having on poor sleep, with over 4.5 million adults having been woken up or kept awake by a noisy fan.

Lee Stones, Category Manager at Xpelair, said: “Unlike some of our competitors that have introduced one or two silent products, our mission is to make all of our bathroom fans silent and really set the industry benchmark.

“A chronic lack of sleep affects over a third of the British public, with stress and taking work home blamed as the key culprits.  However, noise is another critical factor that is keeping people up at night and the bathroom fan is one of the main offenders.

“Simply SilentTM is the first demonstration of this mission, a genuinely innovative product which sets the standard in the domestic ventilation market, and it will be closely followed by a constant volume model with integral hour run meter, which is particularly suited for the social housing sector.”

13 October 2014


Xpelair has launched Solitair, a new highly efficient 4” single room heat recovery unit ideal for the refurbishment market.

Quick and easy installation and an enhanced heat recovery capacity are just two of the stand out qualities of Solitair, the latest addition to Xpelair’s market-leading range of ventilation solutions.

The new Solitair 4” unit features Xpelair’s innovative GhostTM Air Movement Technology, meaning the solution is near silent in operation. Manufactured with a pre-assembled area, Solitair is designed to fit into the space of an existing 4” fan and no additional work is needed prior to installation of the unit. It means installers need only take out the old and replace with new - quickly and cost-effectively replacing intermittent fans with more efficient single room alternatives.

The efficient unit, which delivers 80% heat recovery by incorporating a unique rotating rigid hexagonal heat exchanger, further improves on existing technology thanks to its ability to function at a record low outside temperature; operating at temperatures as low as -150C. 

For enhanced efficiency in the warmer months, Xpelair’s Solitair is also fitted with a summer bypass facility, which provides free cooling when the evening outside air temperature drops below indoor levels.

Lee Stones, category manager at Xpelair, said: “The launch of Solitair not only represents a significant improvement on existing technology on the market but it also demonstrates how integral the installation process is to all of our new product designs.

“We understand that time and ease of installation are crucial factors for installers, especially when tasked with fitting a large numbers of units. The ability to replace the unit in quick time, whilst upgrading and improving the ventilation and heat recovery capabilities of the dwelling at the same time, is something we’re proud of.”

30 September 2014


Showering and hot water expert Redring has added to its bestselling Selectronic Premier range with the Selectronic Premier LAP.

The Selectronic Premier range of showers has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the care sector thanks to its revolutionary technology and design. Using thermostatic technology, the water temperature remains constant, even if the water supply is used elsewhere, such as a tap being turned on or a toilet being flushed. This eliminates the risk of scalding, which is of particular importance within the care sector where users may have vulnerable and sensitive skin. This technology maintains the showering temperature to within +/-1°C, demonstrating its accuracy.

The new Selectronic Premier LAP (Level Access Pump) bolsters the range with the option of an integral LAP. This allows waste water to be removed even when a gravity drain is not available.  The Selectronic Premier LAP controls the level access drain pump directly, removing the need to fit a separate flow switch and associated wiring. As the pump is low-voltage, safety is guaranteed and blockages are prevented, meaning the requirement for regular maintenance is minimal. As the LAP removes waste water quickly, this is particularly beneficial in care sector applications where users may shower whilst seated, and the pump will ensure the water does not rise above a manageable level for users.

The Selectronic Premier LAP also offers complete flexibility in terms of siting. The shower comes complete with an accessory kit specifically for the care sector which offers a one metre riser rail and a two metre hose to bring the shower head and soap dish within easy reach, particularly for those who need to shower whilst seated.

The shower has been designed with easy control options ideal for the care sector, such as its large, easy to press buttons with tactile button coding and audible feedback, and its conveniently located large LED display, which enables visibility and legibility of the shower settings.

An additional benefit of the Selectronic LAP is its Eco Power-Save feature, which automatically adjusts the power of the shower to achieve the desired water temperature. This feature helps to bring dramatic water and energy savings for end-users.

Offering further reassurance for those installations where safety is a priority, the Selectronic Premier range of showers has achieved the BEAB Care Mark, which is awarded in recognition to products that meet specific performance requirements in the care industry. The range is also fully endorsed by the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and has been classed as suitable for all sections of the community, making it safe and accessible for all users.

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